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Rymar Premium Penetrating Wood Sealer


Rymar Premium Penetrating Wood Sealer

Rymar Premium Penetrating Wood Sealer


Color Chart:

 85085-Cedartone  25025-Natural-Cedar
85085 Cedartone 25025 Natural Cedar
 55055-Red-Cedar  7250-Almond
55055 Red Cedar 7250 Almond

Note! Do a test. Try a brushout on your project to ensure the product is what you want before doing your entire project. Colors my vary from the colors shown.

Not VOC Compliant in all states. Rymar Premium Penetrating wood sealer and deck stain is not a VOC compliant stain that can’t be ground shipped to the following states: California, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Northern VA, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Ohio and Utah.

If you live in a state above please see Rymar Xtreme Weather Wood sealer.

ADVANTAGES of Rymar Premium Penetrating Sealer

Rymar Premium Penetrating Wood Sealer is a high-solids oil base coating that gives wood a rich, beautiful semi-transparent look. RYMAR WOOD STAIN has less solids than our Xtreme Coating making Premium much easier to spread.

WATER REPELLENT Other so-called water repellent wood coatings can’t match the water beading qualities of our coating. Along with the oils and PTFE, you get superior water protection. While most others last for a very short time, ours beads like nothing you’ve seen before. In order to help stabilize wood, you must keep out moisture. RYMAR WOOD SEALER has special waterproofing agents to prevent moisture penetration which helps stop checking, cracking and warping.

RYMAR WOOD SEALER is not a preservative, therefore when properly applied it is a safer alternative.

RYMAR WOOD COATING is Nationally AIM compliant less than 350 G/L.

RYMAR WOOD SEALER is formulated to be grease resistant, a must where food and beverages are prepared and served.

RYMAR WOOD deck STAIN naturals have special pigments that remain virtually invisible when applied, for a clean natural look.

RYMAR WOOD deck STAIN is available in clear, semi-transparent and transparent stain colors.


Wood should be clean and dry. It is recommended that Rymar Rinseable Soap be used to clean the wood before sealing. If using bleach do not allow it to remain on the wood longer than five minutes. Between coats clean with Rymar Rinseable Soap and water, no bleach. Do Not Use Metal Pails. Do Not Use Hard Water. Ask your Rymar dealer about preparing surfaces for coatings; they may be able to advise you otherwise depending on your situation. A coat should be applied about 30 days after completion of project, provided wood is clean and dry. Do a wet on wet or wet on tack coat: seal two or three boards from one end to the other or up to a natural break, go back and do them again. Do Not Allow Rymar Coating To Puddle. On very dry wood you may need to repeat the procedure in six months to a year. In some cases you may need to reseal or maintain your project more often. Clear will not prevent graying as well as the pigmented colors. When doing wood siding, dipping is best to get all sides. When installing wood siding, saw cuts must also be sealed. End grain on all wood should always be sealed. Coating may be applied with a bristle brush, spray gun, or by dipping. Be sure to shake well before using and stir thoroughly before and during use. If you have multiple batch numbers, mix them together before applying. Note! Do a test: Try a brushout on your project to ensure the color and product is what you want before doing your entire project. WARRANTY Rymar warrants that the contents of this can are not defective. In the event this product fails to comply with the warranty it is Rymar LLC’s option to furnish replacement of product or a refund of the purchase price with proof of purchase. In the event of product failure and or misuse of this product, Rymar and its affiliates assume no responsibility (implied or otherwise), for labor, substrate, other items or materials used in either the application of this product or otherwise.

Attention Canadian Residents:

We do not ship to Canada. Canadian residents can only pickup stain products. Our warehouse is located 15 minutes from the Ambassador bridge in Detroit, Michigan. Closest stocking dealer to Essex County, Ontario, Canada.

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