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Rymar Log Siding Wood Sealer


Rymar Log Siding Wood Sealer

Rymar Log Siding Wood Sealer


Color Chart:

7710 Golden Maple 7720 Hazlenut
7730-Canyon-Red 7740-Cinnamon
7730 Canyon Red 7740 Cinnamon
7750-Nutmeg 7760-Chestnut
7750 Nutmeg 7760 Chestnut

Note! Do a test. Try a brushout on your project to ensure the product is what you want before doing your entire project. Colors my vary from the colors shown.


Restrictions: Apply when air and surface temperature are above 45 degrees & below 90 degrees

Weight Per Gallon: 8.9 pounds

Soilds by Weight: Approx. 66

VOC: Less Than 200 G/L

Paintable: No

Flashpoint: 105 degrees

Type: Semi-Transparent

Vehicle: Solvent

Finish: Satin

Colors: 6

Containers: 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon

Coverage: Approximately 200-400 square feet per gallon, depending on porosity of wood.

Dry Time: Approximately 24 to 48 hours depending on temperature, 30 days to full cure. All times are temperature and moisture dependent.

Clean-Up: Mineral Spirits

Application: Bristle brush, sprayer

Substrate: Wood

Nationally AIM Compliant
Under 200 G/L
Excludes SCAQMD

Log Siding Directions:

Wood should be clean and dry. Unseasoned wood should be allowed to dry to a moisture content of 12% to 15%. It is recommended that Rymar Rinseable Soap be used to clean wood before sealing. Washing with Rymar Rinseable Soap and sanding will help remove mill glaze for better adhesion. If using bleach on weathered logs, do not allow bleach to remain on the wood longer than five minutes. DO NOT USE METAL PAILS OR HARD WATER. Ask your dealer about preparing surfaces for coatings: they may be able to advise you otherwise depending on your situation. WHEN APPLIED TO THE EXTEREIOR ALL CRACKS MUST BE CAULKED AND LOG ENDS SUFFICIENTLY SEALED TO HELP PREVENT MOISTURE WICKING IN AND DAMAGING THE COATING. If there is more than one batch number, be sure to mix the batches together for color uniformity. Apply coating with a high quality bristle brush or by spraying and then back brushing. Brush with even strokes always going to a natural break such as a door, window or corner. If coating does not come out even. on the first coat it is due to variations in penetration caused by vertical and horizontal wood grain. The second coat should even this out giving you a satin finish. If coating is still uneven a third coat may be needed. AT LEAST TWO COATS ARE NEEDED FOR BEST RESULTS. If a deeper color is desired additional coats may be applied. Dry time between coats is approximately 24 hours; reapplication must be done within 24 hours or when coating becomes tacky. Be sure to stir product through out entire period of application to prevent settling of pigment in the can.

Attention Canadian Residents:

We do not ship to Canada. Canadian residents can only pickup stain products. Our warehouse is located 15 minutes from the Ambassador bridge in Detroit, Michigan. Closest stocking dealer to Essex County, Ontario, Canada.

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